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Automatic Oil Boom System

Our flexible and smart oil booms allow us to store them on large cable drums. Simple and cost effective. For installations in harbours and on ships we have developed a Reel launch system. That keeps the oil boom out of harms way in stand by and adapts to the sea level when in use. Our boom handling systems are as innovative as they are cost effective. Our thin and highly flexible oil booms means we can store great lengths on an ordinary cable drum made of wood. Simple, practical, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

The drum is then connected to an assembly sitting on the dock and automatically adjusts to the water level when the boom is to be deployed. Locking and rewinding is all electric. Secured to the frame is the Autonomous Tug Vessel, the ATV, which, when activated, unlocks, deploys and pull the oil boom with it as it travels to the receiving station.

The system is designed for both dock and ship deck installations. The system is fully automatic and oil booms can be deployed within seconds after an alarm.

Our Oil Booms

Oil booms. Have always meant heavy, rigid and almost impossible to handle and work with in cold waters.

But no more. Our series of oil booms are manufactured in new types of material, composites maintaining it’s softness regardless of temperature, light and simple to work with and which can be sent to destruction with a clear environmental conscious after use.

In essence, the oil booms are unique. The ballast is made of sand, casted in a special polymer to create a flexible slab to be able to store the boom on a large cable drum. The floating material is a thin, closed cell material providing the lift necessary to prevent waves from overflowing the boom.

The oil boom can be ordered in heights ranging from 0,7 to 1,3 meters to handle both in-shore and off-shore deployments. The connectable booms can be delivered in lengths from 10 to 100 meters.

A unique design. Not only because they are manufactured in materials allowing them to be disposed of without environmental issues. But rather because they are flexible and a joy to handle, because we have designs suitable for both open seas and shallow waters and because they do what they are meant to do; deployed quickly to limit the damage. Every minute counts…..


In the event of an oil spill, time is money. Not only will any unnecessary delay in deploying the boom cause more cleaning but also add to the environmental disaster. To contain the oil spill by deploying the boom upon detection is critical to success. In the past, deploying a boom was a highly manual task. Get a tug or boat in place with a trained crew capable of operating the oil boom and the gear was instrumental for success.

Now, finally this is history. With SP Marine’s autonomous system the oil boom will be deployed as soon as someone press a button. Locally or remotely. The Autonomous Surface Vessel drops into the water, towing the oil boom behind and travels to it’s predetermined receiver station where it locks on. In a few minutes a harbor or river is completely sealed off. Imagine what a difference that makes to the cost and the environment….

The ASV can be programmed to steer one or more preset courses or to be manually controlled by a wireless link. 

Facts & Figures

Length: 2,4 meter
Width: 2,0 meter
Weight: ca 600 kg

Mobile Oil Boom

The mobile oilboom is built on a special trailer. The oil boom is deployed by throwing a line to a boat and then the boat pulls the oil boom to its position. If needed another oilboom can be connectet to the first boom to enhance the length of the boom. To load the oil boom after use is simple, you start the motor and start winching it back to the drum. The trailer can be equipped with a launching ramp, for easy deployment and rewinding of the oil boom.